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Mobile Care Access Program Overview

Mobile Care Access is a community paramedicine program for Medicaid patients enrolled with Managed Care Organization health insurance plans. The program is delivered and managed by MedAware Solutions, which secures partnerships with health insurance plans and matches them with local EMS agencies to member patients.

The mobile platform, local focus, and scalable model with flexibility for customization make Mobile Care Access an ideal solution for insurers seeking effective cost reduction strategies that preserve standards of care.

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Cost Effective Solution To Chronic Problems

There are several problems common to the majority of Medicaid patients. These challenges impact their ability to manage chronic health conditions, which results in higher healthcare costs and lower quality of life.

doctor guidelines

Multiple chronic health conditions create complex healthcare needs

Decreasing ability to afford increasing healthcare costs

Poor patient engagement from PCPs negatively impacts outcomes

Social, logistical and financial limitations on access to primary care

Community Paramedicine

Community Paramedicine is a proven healthcare delivery modality that specifically addresses these problems. Unlike the isolated nature of clinical appointments, when medical personnel visit a patient in their home environment, they are better equipped to offer resource referrals and care plans that fits their individual needs.

Community Paramedics spend hours with each patient over the course of the program, augmenting the care provided by the primary care physician. This allows for a deeper understanding of each patient’s needs and results in better quality of care.

When EMTs local to patients provide personalized care and coaching in their homes, individual challenges can be addressed with community resources, and chronic health conditions can be well managed. This significantly reduces healthcare costs by preventing chronic conditions from becoming critical.

Mobile Care Access Benefits Everyone

A strategically deployed community paramedicine program can
provide substantial benefits to all key stakeholders.

Member Patients

Convenient access to respected, highly skilled local resources improves the management of chronic conditions, reduces the risk of hospitalization, saves money, and improves quality of life.

EMS Agencies

Reduction in non-emergency 911 calls and establishing a diversified revenue stream reduces the strain on agencies, while creating opportunities to practice meaningful medicine within their community.

Managed Care Organizations

Proactive management of chronic conditions benefits health insurance plan payers by reducing reliance on high cost emergency services, reducing the risk of hospitalizations, and reducing the rate of re-admissions, while improving patient outcomes.

Hospitals and Health Systems

Reduction in the number of admissions, readmissions and critically ill inpatients reduces the burden on overtaxed healthcare facilities and staff, while also reducing costs.

Program Eligibility

Managed care health insurance plans determine eligibility for enrollment in Mobile Care Access by analyzing data to determine which Medicaid members are high risk or high utilizers.


MedAware Solutions conducts enrollment outreach campaigns for member patients specified by the health insurance plan. Once the insurer sends the Mobile Care Access program introduction letter to the target audience, Medaware Solutions then begins the campaign. To ensure a seamless experience, all patient facing enrollment and administrative engagement is presented as Mobile Care Access.

The engagement strategy includes:

Payer provided program information letter

A series of emails with enrollment information

A series of texts offering a call from Outreach Coordinator

A series of outreach phone calls

Members can also access enrollment information and request a call from an Outreach
Coordinator on the Mobile Care Access website

Program Delivery

A hallmark of community paramedicine is healthcare delivery by a recognizable local EMS professional. These specially trained paramedics are able to provide an extended care plan supported by ongoing patient reconnection.

Intake Assessment

As part of enrollment, a nurse will conduct an intake assessment over the phone to obtain additional information. This is provided to the EMS agency partner prior to their first home visit in order to help them understand what to expect, and how to better serve the patient.

A care plan is then developed by the community paramedic on the first home visit based on the patient’s needs and individual circumstances.

Home Visits

Home visits from community paramedics are prearranged at times convenient for the patient. Services are not in response to 911 calls.

Care Plan

Proactive, ongoing patient engagement to execute the personalized care plan replaces single episodic interventions. The assigned paramedic delivers the care plan, which on average consists of 10 visits over 60 to 90 days, after which patients graduate to monthly monitoring.

During treatment, health improvement goals are set and patients are coached on how to achieve them. Paramedics monitor the patient for worsening symptoms, and if necessary, coordinate PCP care.

Program Administration

MedAware Solutions provides a centralized program manager for each health insurance plan to drive implementation and operations efforts, and coordinate with EMS providers and internal partners.

Preventive Care
Business Model

Revenue generation is based an invoice per visit model. There are no claims, no encounters, and no PMPM (per patient per month) rates or limitations.

Preventive Care

Detailed monthly reports and quarterly summary reports provide stakeholders with the data necessary to collaborate on clinical operations and financial performance reviews.

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