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Mobile Care Access
Success Factors

The basic premise of this investment opportunity is simple: healthier people have lower healthcare costs. It is therefore in the best interest of health insurance plans to support programs that lower the healthcare costs of their highest cost patients. Mobile Care Access does this, while also providing additional benefits in every aspect of the program.

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Community Care

Proactive, In Home
Care Costs Less

Mobile Care Access delivers preventive and maintenance care directly to patients in their homes according to a customized care plan. By having paramedics assist patients with stabilizing chronic conditions, the need for higher level care is considerably reduced.

Reduces Burden on
Emergency Services

When a population of chronically ill patients is receiving proactive care, their reliance on emergency services for reactive care is reduced by up to 60%. This produces additional cost savings for the insurers, EMS agencies and hospitals. It also reduces the burden on emergency services, so their resources can be focused on emergencies.

Better Patient

Chronic condition patients who receive direct care and coaching on long term maintenance have much better outcomes, lower overall medical costs, and better quality of life. This is both evidence of the success of community paramedicine programs, and a driver in its continued growth.

Mobile Care Access Partnership Opportunities

Mobile Access Care is a community paramedicine program facilitated by MedAware Solutions. Mobile technology platforms have taken this historically rural concept based in the lack of primary healthcare availability, and helped it evolve into a sophisticated treatment delivery modality that seeks out patients with chronic conditions in order to improve their health.

Program Development

Health Insurance Plan

MedAware Solutions has successfully implemented Mobile Care Access for a large scale national insurer, and is open to new partnerships with other Managed Care Organizations.

Program Development


MedAware Solutions is seeking investment
partners to help fund the program’s growth.

Why Invest in a
MedAware Solutions Partnership?


MedAware Solutions has real world experience with medical program implementation experience in a dozen markets across 8 states. We are familiar with variations in state regulations, and have done the groundwork to launch programs that meet all requirements for regulatory compliance.


The blend of comprehensive business expertise with decades of community paramedicine experience in the executive leadership team gives MedAware Solutions the ideal foundation for launching mobile healthcare delivery programs nationwide.

Mobile Care Access Business Model

The financial driver for the Mobile Care Access model is the substantial cost savings realized by health insurance plans between patients relying on high cost emergency care and those same patients maintaining the stability of their chronic conditions through preventive care.

The revenue stream generated by MedAware Solutions is a fee-for-service model, with insurers paying a set rate for each member enrolled. An ongoing monitoring fee may also be negotiated.

Program Development

Market Growth

The target demographic comprises Medicaid patients with chronic conditions enrolled with one of our health insurance plan partners. Peer reviewed journal studies found that up to 62% of the 89 million Medicaid patients have one or more chronic conditions, indicating the enormous potential enrollment base as insurance plan partnerships continue to expand.

Program Development

Long Term

The primary targeted enrollment segment are the highest users of care, and initial ROI will reflect this with significant cost reductions.

The Medicaid member segment slated for secondary enrollment outreach efforts have lower use costs. Projections suggest long term returns will level out and remain stable as a steady cycle of program participation is established.

Medicaid enrollment grew 24% between 2020 and 2022. The rate of enrollment is slowing, but still steadily increasing. This larger patient base correlates directly to market growth potential and stable long term returns with a Mobile Care Access investment.

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