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Mobile Access Care Solves
High Cost Problems

One of the areas ripe for cost reduction measures is over reliance on emergency services as a reactive treatment strategy for poorly managed chronic health conditions.

A lack of access to preventive care, and a lack of continuity of care, leaves many patients with poor quality of life, longer hospital stays and poor long term outcomes. Providing proactive preventive and maintenance care has been proven to:

Reduce overuse of EMS and ER services

Reduce high risk readmissions

Reduce length of hospital stays

Effective implementation of proactive treatment programs results in up to a 60% reduction in utilization of emergency services.

MedAware Solutions enrolls members designated by the insurer. Members are then matched with a local EMS paramedicine provider embedded in their community, who generates and executes a customized care plan.

Mobile Care Access Eligibility & Enrollment

Data indicates that Medicaid patients with chronic conditions receive the highest positive impact from proactive community paramedicine programs. This is the target demographic for Mobile Care Access.

Program Development


Candidates for Mobile Care Access are managed Medicaid patients identified by the insurer based on qualifying medical conditions and cost analysis.

Program Development


Health insurance plans provide MedAware Solutions with eligible members. Our team conducts campaigns to educate members about the free Mobile Care Access program, followed by outreach activities for enrollment.

Mobile Care Access Program Delivery

Program Development


A community paramedic will connect with the newly enrolled member to assess their medical status and develop a care plan. Care may be delivered in person, by phone or through the mobile application.

Program Development


The duration of a care plan is typically 60-90 days. Upon successful completion of the plan, the member is promoted to monthly monitoring to ensure long term success.

Program Development


MedAware Solutions handles member interactions, works to resolve any potential issues as they arise, and conducts invoicing for medical services the members receive.

Mobile Access Care By The Numbers

Mobile Care Access is a collaboration between MedAware Solutions, health insurance plans, and EMS agencies. It is an innovative system with a simple goal: reduce costs and improve outcomes.

The financial driver for the Mobile Care Access business model is the substantial cost savings realized by health insurance plans between Medicaid patients relying on high cost emergency care and those same patients maintaining the stability of their chronic conditions through preventive care.

Program Development

Enrollment Cuts

The Mobile Care Access program provides preventive and maintenance care to high risk and high cost patients, which results in a significant cost of care reduction across the entire demographic.

Program Development


MedAware Solutions assists with the program infrastructure and implementation for EMS partners. Part of this process is the development of a quality assurance system, including metrics analysis and continuous process improvement.

Why Choose a Mobile Care
Access Partnership?

Program Development


MedAware Solutions has real world experience with medical program implementation experience in a dozen markets across 8 states. We are familiar with variations in state regulations, and have done the groundwork to launch programs that meet all requirements for regulatory compliance.

Program Development


The blend of comprehensive business expertise with decades of community paramedicine experience in the executive leadership team gives MedAware Solutions the ideal foundation for launching mobile healthcare delivery programs nationwide.

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