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Mobile Care Access Delivers
Community Paramedicine

For decades, EMS organizations have understood the benefits of community paramedicine, but lacked the resources to develop and implement financially sustainable programs.

The Mobile Care Access program is the next step in the evolution of community paramedicine, connecting patients and paramedics with the power and flexibility of a mobile platform. This program, funded by health insurance plans, solves the problems that have previously prevented this highly effective treatment modality from being used to its full potential. Now nearly any EMS agency can have the community paramedicine program it’s always wanted.

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High Impact Care forAt Risk Patients

Data demonstrates that Medicaid patients in care management programs for chronic diseases experience a high rate of improvement when receiving on site interventions from local paramedics. Effective program implementation can reduce non-emergency EMS and ER utilization by up to 60%.

Mobile Care Access is a structured program that provides a planned course of care and coaching, which then transitions to monthly monitoring.

Program Enrollment

MedAware Solutions conducts outreach campaigns to Medicaid patients who fit criteria designated by their health insurance plan. The free program is introduced, and willing members are enrolled. Upon enrollment, the member is assigned to a local EMS Partner.

Program Execution

A community paramedic will connect with the newly enrolled member to assess their medical status in their home and develop a care plan. Care may be delivered in person, by phone or through telehealth with our proprietary mobile application mViva©.

Program Length

The duration of a care plan is typically 60-90 days. Upon successful completion of the plan, the member is promoted to monthly monitoring to ensure long term success.

Program Length

Mobile Care Access
EMS Program Implementation

MedAware Solutions recognizes that some agencies will hit the ground running with an existing community paramedicine program, and some will require assistance to develop one. Whatever level of assistance an EMS partner needs to launch, our team is ready to provide the tools and expertise.

Program Development

MedAware Solutions has in-house expertise with decades of firsthand experience in emergency medical services and paramedicine. The robust implementation blueprint we developed for EMS partner agencies is ready to deploy out of the box, and includes the program infrastructure, an established workload, and a guaranteed payer. We also provide the mobile medical platform the program runs on.


Mobile Care Access comes with a customizable program template containing policies, procedures and protocols to ensure all patients receive the same level of care. MedAware Solutions also collaborates with each EMS agency to develop a quality management system to monitor results.

Community Stakeholder Engagement

EMS agencies launching a new community paramedicine program also learn how to engage the medical community, community resources, and local lawmakers for collaboration and support.

Mobile Care Access Functional Overview

Mobile Care Access is a complex system with a simple goal. This is a high level overview of how all the pieces fit together, and where EMS fits.

Organizational Partnerships

Mobile Care Access provides proactive care through coordinated partnerships, which reduces costs and improves patient outcomes. The collaboration process is:

  • MedAware Solutions secures agreements with health insurance plans
  • Insurance plans identify qualified patients
  • MedAware Solutions conducts outreach and enrollment
  • Members enrolled are matched with a local EMS partner
  • EMS partners provide direct patient care
  • EMS partners are reimbursed per patient visit


There are a few revenue generation points in the overall system. For EMS partners, the payer reimburses the EMS agency on a per patient, per visit basis. This helps build an alternate revenue stream that is scalable in the long term.

Community Paramedic
Training and Certification

Mobile Care Access EMS
Affiliate Requirements

We recognize that not all EMS organizations have CP trained paramedics on staff, and understand obtaining the certification is a lengthy process.

The Mobile Care Access program does not require paramedics to have a full CP-C designation. However, we do require that affiliated paramedics have received training in community paramedicine.

Introduction to
Community Paramedicine

Introduction to Community Paramedicine is the training course we offer free to our EMS partners. It was developed by EMS/CP professionals to prepare paramedics with an understanding of the community paramedicine scope of work before they begin treating Mobile Care Access patients.

  • 60 hours virtual instruction
  • 10 weeks / 1 day per week / 6 hours per day
  • Live stream with instructor (not recorded)
  • Free for paramedics joining Mobile Care Access

This class is not required for any paramedics already trained and/or certified in community paramedicine. It is provided for EMS professionals who need an understanding of the additional responsibility before treating Mobile Care Access patients.

This class was developed with the intent of preparing paramedics for the national ISBC exam, should they choose to pursue certification.

Individual State

Community paramedicine is unique to each state. MedAware Solutions ensures the Community Paramedic program meets the criteria in every state Mobile Access Care operates in. When working with new EMS partners, we customize the program to address these variables.

How to Get Started With
Mobile Care Access

Becoming a Mobile Care Access EMS Partner is a straightforward process, with appropriate screening, training and guidance to ensure successful working partnerships.


EMS agencies interested in becoming a Mobile Care Access partner simply need to contact us to arrange a conversation


Prior to partnering with each EMS agency, MedAware Solutions assesses agency qualifications and skill sets against program requirements, reputation within the community, and available capacity to participate in the program.


Once an EMS partner is selected, MedAware provides program training, related technology, and provides assistance with program development and launch.

Ready To Mobilize?

Would you like to learn more about how your Emergency Medical Services organization can reduce non-emergency reliance on services, implement a community medicine program, develop a new revenue stream, and improve patient outcomes? Contact us today to arrange a conversation.


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