Aligned to the next wave of healthcare solutions.

As healthcare has experienced many waves of transformational innovation, industry experts confidently predict the next major wave already underway is the convergence of mobile mHealth and remote teleHealth initiatives.

Our vision of empowering human intelligence, enhancing care collaboration and keeping healthcare patient-centric fuels our ambition in these rapidly expanding segments with 320M+ mobile devices among the 1.7M+ hospital beds in the US alone.

Delivering solutions in the palm of your hand.

Our goal is to deliver solutions which allow healthcare providers to focus on what matters most -- their patients. The platform enhances clinical collaboration by exchanging real-time information within secure, patient-centric threads in a wide array of rich formats.


To enable multi-disciplinary teams to interact in patient-centric threads anytime, anywhere for better coordination of care.


To allow patients and care teams to capture and share data through an entirely secure HIPAA-compliant platform.


To offer an elegant solution leveraging mobile technologies to transform care on a wide variety of platforms from iOS to Android.


To operate in a SaaS Cloud model without the cost and time typically required for deploying local hardware-based solutions.

Offering value for payers, providers and patients.

MedAware Solutions is focused on combining mHealth and teleHealth technologies in an unprecedented way to transform multi-disciplinary teams and engage patients throughout the continuum of care.


Reduce Flow Disruptions

Real-time collaboration threads in the palm of every provider has the potential to improve throughput.


Promote Best Practices

Patients and providers can engage with remote healthcare experts anytime, anywhere in real-time for optimal care delivery.


Minimize Readmissions

Care can be better coordinated while improving the response to patient needs through instant context and collaboration.


Enhance Outcomes

Healthcare experts can better engage earlier and during the post-acute phases with access to data in the palm of every provider.

Connect care teams with mViva™.

mViva™ for providers is being released to empower multi-disciplinary teams for improving the coordination of information, processes and resources at the point of care. Powered by an intuitive mobile interface, care teams can monitor patients under their watch anytime, anywhere. mViva™ can support a wide array of rich, HIPAA-compliant formats such as voice messages, video clips, photographic images, text messages, imaging views, lab results, among other elements instantly shared in each patient-centric thread.


Empower Urgent Care.

Start collaborating with urgent responder teams at the scene of the incident. Sharing vital information from the field prepares all care team members for smooth handoffs.


Transform Hospital Care.

Keep essential rooms, team members and equipment at the ready during crucial moments to streamline the flow of critical care and engage all specialties for delivering best practices.

Connect Post-Acute Care.

Enhance collaboration even after discharge to insure that skilled nursing, rehabilitation and other services are successfully progressing through each patient recovery phase.

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Note: The collaboration images are not intended for diagnostic quality review.

Send them home with mViva™

The platform is being extended to enable payers and providers to engage more collaboratively with patients and their relatives. Our goal is to improve compliance with care protocols and overall satisfaction even after discharge while maintaining greater coordination throughout the care continuum. With remote access on standard iOS and Android mobile devices, “house calls” are no longer a thing of the past.